Starry Eyes

When she laughs
Shes got the power of a child in her eyes
And when you cry now
Shell hold you like a mans supposed to be held
I cant get into words how I feel
Get it right in this song now
I had to set her free
Needed a friend
Come back to me

Oh starry eyes
Oh, oh (repeat)

Standing alone in the light
You could see her cry
With a smile and a wink
And a sparkle in her eyes
She calmly sighed, I will be alright
Okay child youve had to take the pain
Of a man in the streets
You gotta let me in
Needed a friend
Even just for one night

Oh, starry eyes
Oh, oh (repeat)

Oh no, oh no, oh no

Oh, starry eyes
Oh, oh (repeat)

Motley Crue (que bonito es el amor!!!!!!)
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4 respuestas a Starry Eyes

  1. Ross dijo:

    Ayssss que enamorado esta mi dragoncito XDDDDD

  2. john dijo:

    ke se lo digan a tommy lee kuando le kurra a la pamela XD

  3. glaurung dijo:

    total despues de Tommy Lee acabo con Kid Rock que es peor……le va la marcha a esa.

  4. super dijo:

    y dejó de ver sombras en la pared y empezó a mirar por la ventana!^-^


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